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You travel to Naroth, a green plateau located between the kingdoms of Vilden and Jarrad. On your quest for information about your father, you descend deeper and deeper into the abandoned mines to finally discover a threatening secret. Are you brave enough to face the danger?Naroth is an open world, fantasy action RPG in 3D. In a first person view, you wander the wilderness and the villages of Naroth, talk to the locals and explore the dungeons. You gain experience, improve your skills and find new items.
Naroth is completely free (no ads, no in-app-purchases) and completely in English.
- open world, fantasy role playing game- offline, single player gameplay- 3D first person perspective- freely accessible world with 3 villages and other locations- over 3 dozen quests...- ...and even more NPCs- 15 different enemy types- 30 dungeon levels- over 100 items to find and purchase- long-ranged and melee weapons- alchemy system- comprehensive skill tree- auto-mapping- quest log- up to 15 hours of playing time
Quest marker and people with question marks above their heads are unknown in Naroth. Its your adventure, so experience it in your own way.
Naroth is powered by the jPCT-AE 3D-Engine @
Please note: The first start of the game can take a little longer because it has to process some additional data.
The game needs permission to change system settings to disable screen blanking and to minimize Androids software buttons.